Heard on Vatican Radio - Sudan and India

Last week, Vatican Radio's 105 Live program ran two features that I thought would interest a wider audience - one on violence against Sudan's Nuba people and one on a Lancet study on sex selection in India. Because Vatican Radio only keeps the most recent week on-air, the programs are not available, but the topics are covered elsewhere:

If you're interested, you have about a week from today to hear this Vatican Radio item:

Witch-Craft Victims - "In DRC
Children as young as nine are accused of which-craft and thrown out of their homes and onto the streets. This is the incredible fate that befalls an increasing number of little ones in the Democratic Republic of Congo"

Sad but true. At least someone is documenting their story. I haven't run across that story in the traditional media.


I can honestly say, every time I read one of your posts Daniel, I do learn something new. "Who woulda thunk" that the Vatican had a weekly radio broadcast?! Thanks for the nugget. --Durst

You're welcome! It's actually a daily broadcast. There's usually a different host each day and Sunday is reserved for an in-depth reflection of the Gospel reading for that week and a summary of Vatican activities.It definitely shows a wider world than say, Newsweek.

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