Know a health care student looking for adventure?

Since I don't see the rolling list of journals when I log into, I can't be sure if anyone besides the 7 Bloglines subscribers are reading my journal. But I'll keep writing in hopes this problem will be remedied.

Today I'd like to highlight a State of Alaska program called SEARCH Alaskan Exposure. This program is open to Physician Assistant students, Nurse Practitioner students, Masters in Social Work students, and Medical students and Residents.

Here is a description of the program from the website:

What is Alaskan Exposure?
The Alaskan Exposure program seeks to provide students in primary health care professions with unique and rewarding rotations in underserved communities. Teaming up with primary care providers, students have the opportunity to experience primary care first-hand. The program is a collaboration of communities, health care facilities, health practitioners, students and academic institutions.

Funding is provided through the National Health Service Corps Student/Resident Experiences And Rotations in Community Health (SEARCH) Program.

If you know someone in the professions above and think they'd enjoy a unique experience, please consider pointing them to this program.


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