Allota Work Left To Do

The new site/server seems to be running. There's much for me to do still, but it might be good enough to make the cut over before Wednesday like I had hoped for. I haven't messed with the colors or anything else on the front end yet, I'll be working on that tonite.


Hope this is the right place to thing I've noticed is that when I click on "Journals" in the left hand panel, it goes to a page that only shows me my "Friends" journals. In the old version it listed journals by most recent, number of posts, etc....I like the old version because there are some journals I like to read, even though I haven't friend-ed the person.

I do have the box on my main page that shows me recent journals, but I'm just used to looking for them the other way, plus the old way showed you everyone's journals. Yeah. I'm lazy.


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