New Discussions on Free Government Information 10/31/2005

I've decided to start copying my weekly govdoc-l announcement of the new discussions and activities going on at the Free Government Information site to my LISNews Journal. It has the advantage of raising my LIS related journal content and I hope these postings will lure some of you into discussions of federal information issues.

New FGI Discussions - October 31, 2005

The informal poll on FDLP digital deposit running at Free Government Information [FGI] ( now has 245 responses and still running at 91% support and a single comment. We strongly encourage people to drop by and leave comments on the poll at ( Just click on "add new comment" and let us know how you feel and whether you think your instititution would take digital files if they were offered.

Leave us a name or not, depending on your comfort level.

The last week was a busy one for FGI Volunteers as we started these discussions and stories:

  • FOIA Falters (Shinjoung)
  • Thanks Barbie! Librarians speak out on vision paper (Daniel)
  • More news about Massachusetts Choosing OpenDocument format (James A.)
  • Executive Order requires agencies to share information (James A.)
  • Senate Bill Would Increase Biodefense Secrecy (James A.)
  • Fall DLC Proceedings Watch 10/25/05 - A week without content (Daniel)
  • Jessamyn West speaks Oct 26th on Small Libraries/Digital Divide (Daniel)
  • New Mellon Report on Digital Deposit (James A.)
  • Free Culture and the Digital Library (James A.)
  • FirstGov to add state and local government information (James A.)
  • 200510161030 - Depository Library Council - GPO Update (James Staub)

No new material was added to the < a href="">Future Digital System (FDSys) site during the past week, as far as we can determine.

Tune in next Sunday for the next issue.

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