Why the disparity?

Perusing the job listings tonight I saw a librarian's position posted at lisjobs that wanted a librarian with an extensive familiarity (whatever that is) with XML, XSL, familiarity with web-based technologies such as XHTML, CSS and JavaScript; experience with database development, design and maintenance. Oh and they want a 2nd masters and teaching experience all for 38-42K

On computerjobs.com I found a position that wants a developer experienced with XML for 50K starting. They were in the same geographic area.

Why the disparity? Does calling yourself a librarian really make you worth 8-12 thousand dollars less? Does that Masters degree we have really make us less employable. Why does the developer not need teaching experience and a 2nd (or for that matter 1st) Masters?

I may start leaving the L out of my résumé. I may put my degree as a Masters of Information Studies (rather than MS LIS) I may call myself an information accessability specialist, or electronic and print information generalist or some other nonsensical title.

Is the term librarian really a liability?

N.B. I didn't apply for either, I don't like to code. I've done it and I don't care for it.


Congratulations, you've just witnessed a spanking by the invisible hand. The "marketplace" apparently doesn't value librarians or their services very highly.