Blog-U 1.0 Was A Success

I find myself sitting in National Airport once again after another fantastic ITI conference, this time with an offer to upgrade to first class for just $50.00. The flight is less that an hour long, so I think I'll pass, this time. Blog-U was, from all accounts, a success, and likely to be repeated. The class evaluation were without exception positive. I was surprised at how well the group worked together, and how well received the entire program was by the almost 30 participants. It was an interesting group, more beginners that any of us had thought, and many more "special" librarians than any other librarian group. I'll admit I had my reservations about a brand new day-long seminar on blogging, but I really do believe we all learned a thing or two. ITI has an amazing team in control of their conferences, with Jane and Steven M. Cohen running the show, I suppose I should've known we couldn't miss.

I was most impressed by Jill and Amanda. They have wonderful presentation styles, with some fantastic content to match. If you see their names on a conference in the future, don't miss what they have to say. Sabrina came and went like a flash, but added a good corporate library segment we would've missed had she not been there. And of course Aaron performed his usual smooth and information packed brand of presentation. Good show by all, and hopefully we'll have news on the next Blog-U within a few months. I'll also be expanding on my "writing good content" segment here, as I think I have more to say on the topic.