New technologies to spread HIV/AIDS information

Maitrayee Ghosh, now at the Indian Institute of Technology, presented a paper at the World Library and Information Congress: 71st IFLA General Conference and Council
"Libraries - A voyage of discovery"
on the role of information professionals, public libraries and how together they can employ E-learnig and new technologies to spread HIV/AIDS information to unprivileged population in India.

Complete paper can be accessed from:

Save the society from an AIDS epidemic: Indian Public libraries in the current perspective


Excerpt from the paper:
"Info-Thela" project of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur:
A project called "Info-thela," or "info-cart" aims to use wireless technology to disseminate
health information and improve health care in India's villages, where most of the country's 1.06 billion people live. It aims to improve public health by facilitating the flow of health information, using the Internet."