Good Goy

I helped a patron the other day as she was looking for information about Jewish businesswomen, especially women in the cosmetics industry. I found information about Helena Rubenstein, Estee Lauder, and several other general books including I am Jewish, which I read as soon as it came in. It was really interesting and I found it interesting there were observant Jews that I never thought were Jews- Keri Strug, the gymnast, was one that I found interesting.

The patron was referred to the library where I work, and to me specifically by a local rabbi. I consulted him before I put up a display for the Holy Days last year. I wanted to put up a display that would be informational and interesting for everyone while not offending anyone. After all it was my first few months as a librarian and I was on my own as we are filled with WASPS and Catholics :)

So the patron as she was leaving with her materials for the presentation she was going to give at the senior center called me a good Jew for making this material available (In fact much of what we had I had purchased in the last year). I was pleased that she had found what she wanted. However I had to tell her that I was not Jewish (although I have Jewish relatives so I know the holidays) I told her I was as Irish Catholic as you can get. She smiled and gave me a poke and said she wouldn’t tell if I don’t.

I hope I’m a good Muslim, atheist, Southern Baptist, and everything else. That’s what librarians do.


A great story! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the stories I read at Feel Good Librarian.Keep up the fine work!

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