A9.com maps

Drexel COAS E-Learning blog
points out an interesting visual map resource called A9 from Amazon. Separately branded and operated subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc., A9.com opened its Palo Alto, California, doors in October 2003. According to the entry in the blog,"If you thought GoogleMaps Google Maps

cool because you could see your house on the satellite view, check out A9.com Maps. It has street level pictures of several large cities. That means you can actually take a virtual walk down a particular street."


As in http://earth.google.comgoogle.com> or Microsoft's Terraservermicrosoft.com> (which used to be run by Uncle Sam) and the US Geological Survey's Digital Backyardusgs.gov>.

Each one puts just a little different spin on on the globe (yeah, you caught me - pun intended!) and how we see it. If some of the copyright/digital imprint info is to be believed from Google, some of their info is coming off of Keyhole satellites.

One caveat: you won't be able to see what's on the ground at Groom Lake!