About the Junk E-mail Filter

More than one week away from LISNews isn't a record for me, but it's darn close. Nothing like a few days away to make me miss you miscreants. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

I spent the week on my laptop, using Outlook 2003, and I'm very impressed by the "Junk E-mail Filter." Spamassassin does a great job, but a few do slip by everyday. This week 100% of the junk missed by Spamassassin was caught by Outlook. For some reason I just don't feel right saying it, but Microsoft does have a great product. It actually catches some things I would've classified as uncatchable.

So I'm back and trying to get back up to speed. I held on to a few dozen stories I meant to post, hopefully I'll get those up this week, even though they'll be old news by that time. I guess the ALA "breaking news" will actually be more current than LISNews for a change this week.

I am completely out of touch, not just in the LISNews world, but completely out of touch with anything that happened in the world in the past week. Steven M. Cohen said something about Katrina last night and I had no idea what he was talking about. I must admit, I'm happier like this, maybe I'll tune out more often.

Everyone give a big thank you to those who kept the site going this past week. We all owe Rochelle, Birdie and everyone else a cookie for all their work last week. If I missed anything you feel I should have a look at around here, be sure to let me know.


...that I know exactly what you mean about being out of touch. Katrina who?;-)