One Million Homeless

News story that predicts the hurrican could leave one million homeless in New Orleans.
Quote from article ""We're talking about in essence having — in the continental United States — having a refugee camp of a million people," van Heerden said."
Another quote from the article: "In a few days, van Heerden predicts, emergency management officials are going to be wondering how to handle a giant stagnant pond contaminated with building debris, coffins, sewage and other hazardous materials.

"We're talking about an incredible environmental disaster," van Heerden said."

I know this is the least of the worries but the 2006 ALA Conference was scheduled for New Orleans. With the predictions that I am reading in the article I wonder if the conference will still happen in New Orleans.


CNN is reporting that the roof is starting to peel off the Superdome, two hours before NOLA gets hit by the brunt of the storm.

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