Library Provisions, Section 215, Patriot Act

This about sums up my take on this:

They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety.
--Benjamin Franklin


Page 4 of 18 of the ACLU's> shows that the CT library is fighting a National Security Letter filed under Sec 505 of USAPA and not the infamous 215. I still wish them luck, though.

However, while I don't believe in secret, blank administrative suponeas, it looks like this is about Internet usage, including e-mail.

I think there should be a distinction between circulation records (what a person chooses to read), and communications records (i.e. e-mail). After all, would we deny a request for phone logs from a library pay phone? Assuming that the gov't had a specific person in mind and wasn't just fishing. I still hew to what a person reads in terms of books, periodcials and even web sites isn't the government's business. Ever. But who they're their e-mailing and what they're e-mailing could be.