The Most Recent Big Lie From King George the Pathetic

Submitted by Fang-Face on Thu, 08/25/2005 - 01:40

King George the Pathetic has been talking up the incipient constitution of Iraq and bragging about how it will magically bring peace and democracy to a country that was and is illegally occupied by military misadventurism characterized by imperialism, the arrogance of power, and the rape of natural resources by various of the corporate powers behind the throne. However, according to Distortions of The Times, by Matthew Rothschild,
21 Aug 2005:

August 20, a [The New York Times] page 8 story by Dexter Filkins, "Sunni Election Workers Seized and Killed in Mosul."

In paragraph 19 of this story, a separate discussion begins about how the negotiations for the Iraqi constitution are going. Included here is the crucial nugget that a tentative agreement "would prohibit the passing of any legislation that contradicted" Islam.

The next paragraph says that tentative agreement would "relegate marriage and family matters to adjudication by clerics," a concession that would be devastating to women's rights in Iraq.

And paragraph 21 notes that U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad brokered the agreement and backed "a more expansive role for Islam."

So Georgie-porgie is still spreading lies and propaganda about Iraq, which are easily the equivalent of his lies about the nonexistent Iraqi Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons, the nonexistent Saddam/bin Laden link, and the nonexistent collusion of Iraq in the World Trade Center attack.

Oh, and let's not hear any bullshit about the "liberal" press. Kindly take note that Rothschild is critiquing the New York Times habit of burying information embarrassing to the regime rather deeply in stories that are themselves buried in the back pages.

Oh, and one more thing . . . if you're wondering why I bother pointing this out, it is because this is another indication of how the Bush regime is too stupid to be educated by the lessons of history; any of them; the lessons of Sep. 11, or the lessons of the Taliban. What will happen in Iraq in a religious state will parallel what happened in Afghanistan. And it puts the lie to Bush's sententious yammering about freedom for Iraqi citizens. This consitution, if it passes, will only mean that
Iraqis will trade the politically based tyranny of Saddam for a religious based tyranny of priests. Who, like Saddam was, will be blessed by the American Imperial State as long as they continue to kiss its ass.