David Dillard in his Net-Gold Listserv Net-Gold Listservreports an interesting web site on plagiarism

Catching Digital cheaters. The content in this web site is from the The Educational CyberPlayGroundâ„¢ site which provides access to sites such as 'On most campuses, over 75% of students admit to some cheating - Cell phones send text messages and photos of exams to other students','Lawyers for Boston University are trying to end the sale of term papers over the Internet by filing a lawsuit against eight "paper mills', 'Cut-and-Paste Plagiarism' plus many more useful sites on detecting and preventing plagiarism. This inspired me think about some questions on plagiarism and how librarians can assist their faculty members in their classes. The questions are:

In your institutions and organizations what measures are taken to educate students about plagiarism? What is the library's role in teaching
plagiarism related issues to students enrolled in various courses? Are there specific workshops taught by the librarians to faculty and students in your institutions? Is it possible to share presentations and powerpoint slides on this imortant topic?