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On Tuesday, 27th April 2004, Drexel University’s IEEE Student Branch showcased an event at the Stern Seminar Room in the Hagerty Library. David Hamer, who is the visiting research scholar at the Bletchley Park Trust, custodians of the cryptographic museum at Bletchley Park in the UK, gave a very stimulating talk on codes, ciphers, and the development of the Enigma machine during the pre- and post-world war II era. IEEE student chapter members, faculty, IEEE staff, and the library staff worked together to ensure the success of this event that brought close to 75 students to the presentation. Many of these students came directly from their class on ‘Cryptology’ and got an opportunity to actually see the enigma machine that David had brought with him.

A Similar event was conducted in April 2005, too.

NOTE: Here students were required to bring a citation from IEEE Xplore database about Enigma machine to be eligible as entratnts for the raffle for MP3 player .This event was sponsored by the IEEE, with funding for food and drinks by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Drexel University, and other arrangements by the Library.

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Drexel University IEEE Branch Hosts Talk on Enigma Machine

Recently, we published a paper at the ASEE conference highlighting these events. It can be accessed from

A successful collaborative partnership among the faculty and librarians at Drexel University with the IEEE.


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