LISNews Numbers For July

Whoops! I completely forgot to post the July stats. Also, because Slashcode cleans out some tables after a few days, some of these numbers are off significantly, but I'll post what I have just in case the lack of stas has been keeping you up at nigh.

July had a record number of authors post stories (18), Busiest Authors:
Blake: 201
birdie: 55
Rochelle: 54
Curmudgeony: 17
Dan G.: 8
Daniel: 8
bentley: 8
Amke: 6
Hermit: 3
Bibliofuture: 3
Karl: 3
Brian: 3
John: 3
Ryan: 2
Anna: 2
Mock Turtle: 1
Bill Drew: 1
Samantha: 1

We only ran 379 stories, and only 177 of those came from submissions. There was about 700 comments from 100, erso, different people (though this doesn't count AP, who was about 40 different people).
Busiest commentors:
Anonymous Patron 80
GregS* 56
Daniel 52
Rochelle 32
birdie 30
mdoneil 29
tomeboy 29
Blake 23
Fang-Face 20
Great Western Dragon 20

Moderating was hot last month, with about 1000 metamods being performed, and 500 moderations.

So the good news was author participation was up, the bad news is participation from everyone else is down, though this is what I'd expect during July and August anyways. Keep in mind had I ran these numbers on the first of August some would've been higher, I just have no idea how much higher.

Urchin numbers are accurate, or at least, they are as accurate as Urchin numbers can be, which is fairly decent at best.

Total Sessions 347,782.00
Total Pageviews 928,183.00
Total Hits 2,306,533.00
Total Bytes Transferred 22.85 GB

Average Sessions Per Day 11,218.77
Average Pageviews Per Day 29,941.39
Average Hits Per Day 74,404.29
Average Bytes Transferred/Day 754.73 MB
Average Pageviews Per Session 2.67
Average Hits Per Session 6.63
Average Bytes Per Session 68.89 KB
Average Length of Session 00:11:15