"Welcome Back Potter"

There must be 10,000 Book Six stories in my 500+ Google News Alerts right now, and only one writer was clever enough to come up with "Welcome Back Potter" as a title.

Anywho... I now officially hate traveling by plane. I really don't understand how people like Gary Price can be on the road 50 weeks a year. I would go crazy. And, no, nothing went wrong this trip, it's just not something I enjoy.

Trying to get all caught up this time has been a challenge. LISHost is running me ragged this week, and I really need to finish up with my bathroom remodel project soon.

Thanks for all the great St. Louis tips last week. I saw the following while in St. Louis:
The Airport, my hotel, a mall, one restaurant, and the hotel next to my hotel.
Apparently I'm not much of a tourist.