Cites & Insights 5:9 available

Cites & Insights 5:9, July/August 2005, is now available.

This 22-page issue, PDF as usual (with all but the final section available as HTML pieces), includes:

  • ©3 Perspective: Balancing Rights: MGM v. Grokster: A Question of Balance? - Looking at comments on the oral argument, the Supreme Court's decision and two concurring opinions, and some of the early reactions--including my own take.
  • Trends & Quick Takes - How 60 interviews becomes six million podcatchers; why you'll see more promotional DVDs; the least you need to know for OpenURL 1.0; and more--including some notes on why Will Manley's May 2005 column sucks.
  • Perspective: Predicting the Future of Academic Libraries - A slightly humble commentary on why I turned down a speaking invitation, and what sensible people are saying about small steps toward the future.
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products - The iPoser, voice-operated portable players, overpriced gear, and the photo burner--a baker's dozen in all.
  • The Library Stuff - Eight articles worth reading.
  • Followups & Feedback - following up five items, a mini-Bibs & Blather, and summaries in lieu of feedback.


Yes, I printed it off and took it to the coffee shop this morning. Excellent as usual. The Supreme Court summary is particularly appreciated.