Saturday ref grunt

Wow clamdigger man is wearing long pants.

Can you put a book on hold for me,

Do you have Kenny G music CD's - yes our cataloger loves him. We have


Do you have Oprah's list?

Can I buy a diskette.

Patron: "Computer", Librarian "Cell phone use is prohibited in the

library." Patron goes away.

I can't find the call number. It is fiction so it is by the author's

name. In this case it is Allende, Isabel.

Daily computer user comes in and can't find the computer I assign her

to. She has been here every day since I started but can't find the

computer. I take her to it.

Some patron invites me to a


rally. I take a flyer and leave it at the reference desk.

Kid with flip-flops asks nicely to borrow a pencil. I give him a good

one with a Sponge Bob eraser he can keep.

Check out some more computers. This is why I have a graduate degree.

Fix a computer by rebooting it, then fix another the same way.

A tale of two cities.

Macrame books

Can't open a pdf. Gave patron a different computer that didn't suck as


Reserve Motorcycle Diaries DVD

Computer blue screens every time the screensaver kicks in. Nothing I

can do about it.

Are you open? Yep, a little hurricane won't stop us.
Same question different person. Probably a good time to save this

before the power goes out.

Can I play runescape? Sure go ahead kid live it up.

Info on eczemoid variant progressive pigmentosa purpura and ertyhema

annulare. Our dermatology collection sucks so I used medlineplus and

then ordered


/sr%3D11-1/ref%3Dsr%5F11%5F1/102-1749504-8097731"> Fitzpatrick's Color

Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology

Someone wants me to add legal paper to the printer.

A volunteer came to chat, told me she thinks Hillary Clinton is a son

of a bitch, and brought me a danish. If she weren't 84 I'd marry her,

well 84 and married.

Wind gusts up to 56kts according to our fine county



with drenching rain and the roof is not leaking this

week. Will miracles ever cease?!

A patron wants 4 specific titles about the culture of Vietnam. He has

the titles, authors and ISBNs of all of the books. I happily request

the ILLs for him and they are all coming from libraries in our area! No

postage charges as we have a courier.

The assistant director wants to know if I want coffee. Nope.

Help a guy print a pdf that the computer wants to open with word. Right

click open with Acrobat Reader 7 works dandy.

2 reserves, 1776 and John Adams.

Done printing to legal size.

Helped someone sign up for

Signed out some more computers

Help find a book in the stacks

A patron told me "This weather is terrible, but it beats a poke in the

eye." You can't argue with that.

A caller wants to know if we have oceanography videos. Yes lots of


Is labor day September 5th? Yes according to Chase's.

Do you have the computer system where I can look up jobs? You can

certainly use the interent.

Reserve David McCullough's book about Truman. All of McCullough's

books are out- popular guy.

Help finding a local jobs site.

Bobby McFerrin music CDs. Nope

More computer check outs.

Mark Twain on cassette? all checked out, on the local HS summer reading


Place a reserve on In the Company of Liars.

Tightly wound woman from circ gives me an evil glare as she goes by.

"Books on tattoos and stuff" Well we have books on body art, but you're

on your own for the stuff.

Redheaded woman wants Greek Mythology and Greek Literature.

Different patron, Mythology by Edith Hamilton.

Patron requests Vile France, fear, duplicity, cowardice and cheese by Denis Boyles. We don't own it and worldcat has only 2 copies in the state. Ordered and placed a reserve for patron so she will be first when it comes it.

Game pieces for Simpson's trivia game....found!

Well 15 minutes until closing. Time to start shutting off the computers not in use. Eight hours at the library and I am off into the hurricane's rains.


That's quite a run on mythology. Praying to gods about the hurricane?