St. Louis, Anyone?

I'll be trapped in St. Louis next week, Monday - Thursday, with nothing much to do a night. Anyone out there in St. Louis? There must be more to the city than a giant silver arch.


I can meet you half-way for dinner at a truck stop, between Bloomington (IL) and St. Looey.

I actually spent a spring break in St Louis once. There are things to do there besides the arch! We went to the zoo, the butterfly garden/conservatory/whatever they're called, the old courthouse downtown where Dred Scott originated, Union Station, and the American Kennel Club Museum. The last one was not so exciting unless you are *really* into dogs. There is also the Budweiser tour if you like beer. There's the Clydesdale farm which I really wanted to see but it was closed.

I guess the excitement of St Louis depends on where you're coming from--if you've just spent a couple years living in Iowa, it seems really big and exciting:-)

I won't have a car, how long will it take me to walk that far?

Ah, the Bud tour might be neat, thanks!
I won't have a car so I'll be limited in what I can do, but I'll see how much I can fit into my few evenings.

so am looking forward to more fabulous postings about great resturants and off the beaten path cool stuff to do....

Lets see... definitely go to the Central West End, which is at the east end of Forest Park, one of the largest urban parks in the US. Its an interesting neighborhood - palatial mansions surrounded by blight. There are two Welsh Bars which I enjoyed immensly: Dressels has a more British Pub atmosphere with better food and beer (try the Double Dragon Bitter), while Llywelyn’s has a younger crowd and great welsh rarebit. You can ride the Metrolink to get here, so its easy to get to.

South of Downtown is a very old neighborhood called Soulard - there is a farmer's market and quite a few nice places to eat. Its close to the Brewery as well if you go to the tour there. The metrolink only goes east west so you'll have to walk, or take a taxi. I always thought St. Louis had terrible public busses, but other people think its ok...

Go to a Baseball game - Busch stadium isn't really that great, but St. Louis has great fans and a good team this year. The new stadium should be nice.

Along with the Zoo in Forest park, the History Museum in Forest Park is interesting - I think they are still having the World's Fair exhibit. The Art Museum is worth seeing if you like that sort of thing. There is also a Science museum that is more for kids.

That should be more than enough for 4 days. Have fun.

I'm happy to say is right here. South Mountain Park, at 11,600 acres. (and yeah, I know you didn't say 'largest').

-- Ender, Duke_of_URL