Blog Icon?

I want to give bentley's "This Week in LibraryBlogland" a topic but I can't settle on a good topic icon.

Anyone want to help me design an icon or suggest ideas? I need a single small image that says "This Week in LibraryBlogland"


Seems like a good oppurtunity to use that B.L.O.G you wanted in the heading. Maybe with a Zombie's head? Crypt Keeper?

A roll of toilet paper? Not to denigrate the quality of the content, but to point up the format of the medium?

More classically, using a scroll wouldn't work, since scrolls weren't really held vertically.

Michael Gorman giving the finger?

Or maybe the letters B L O G done up like those LOVE postage stamps from the '70s?

Might this be a good place to use the Blog Person button that you seem to have removed from the sidebar?