A Clintonian Thought Experiment

Full Disclosure: Anyone who knew me at that time knows I fully supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

The date is January 1998. The papers have been buzzing for several months that President Bill Clinton has been commiting adultry with Monica Lewinsky and has a history of sexual improprities.

On January 22, 1998, the London Times prints the minutes of a Blair cabinet meeting where the Foreign Secretary claims that President Clinton admitted to the affair and to prior improprities and asked the Foreign Secretary for advice.

The head of British Intelligence indicates that Clinton has been seeing women on the side ever since he took office. For that reason he believes that the Prime Minister should be careful about what is confided to the American President.

During the month of February various British officials and Tony Blair himself assert that cabinet meetings are private affairs. None deny the meeting took place or that the minutes are authentic. In this Country, neither Clinton nor his advisers takes the chance to blame the cabinet minutes on the vast right wing conspiracy.

The March 1, 1998 Newsweek reveals that the so-called Clinton Minutes used in the London Times were retyped by the reporter so that identifying marks on the originals would not implicate the leaking cabinet member. MoveOn.org pronounces the memos "fakes" and "frauds!" President Clinton and his advisers still do not jump on the "it's a fake!" bandwagon.

How do you react?

a) Agree with MoveOn.org that the Cabinet Minutes were just a product of fevered Republicans?

b) Denounce calls to allow Ken Starr to expand his probe to include the Clinton Minutes, because after all "Everyone knows that Clinton can't keep his zipper up!"

c) Write your Congressmember to petition the British Gov't to make the attendees listed in the Clinton Minutes available to an independent commission for sworn interviews.

Please explain why you chose the option you did.


Aren't we going in for a little Monday morning quarterbacking? So, now do you have the bumper sticker "when Clinton lied, no one died"?

D) demand that someone explain to me how they can equate getting blow jobs in the White House with the willful illegal invasion of a foreign country, giving as the reason for doing so a pack of obvious lies, and for which the invader had no exit plan, and in which as many as 100,000 innocents and 1,700 American servicemen had been killed in a couple of years.

And that's just off the top of my head; let's not get into how Clinton's getting blow jobs in the White House could have little impact on domestic or foreign policy; it did not alienate the rest of the world and cause it to hold all of American in contempt.