Some Journal Numbers

I was doing some digging for other things in the log files and remembered I haven't been reporting the Journal stats recently, so here's some numbers.
Interesting to note the journals are now read FAR more via their RSS feeds than the journal pages themselves, so first a breakdown of total hits.

Walt's #1 at a total of about 6,800 recorded hits.
Next is me with about 6,600 hits
Slashgirl has alotta fans, she's at #2, with just over 5,800 hits.
nbruce has one IP that hits her feed far too often, and that lands her at about 4,700
Next up, tomboy, shoe & birdie tie with about 1,800 each
djfiander, Daniel and mdoniel all round out the top 10 with about 1,200 hits.

Those are the total hits, what about the web pages?
I'm #1 at about 1,100 hits with nbruce just a few hits behind at almost 1,000.
Daniel is third with about 800 hits, mdoneil, Bibliofuture & slashgirl have just a few less.
slashgirl, birdie, and Redcardlibrarian all fall at around 650 hits.
And rounding out the top 10 is Ashtabula guy with about 550 hits.

If you need to know just RSS hits, you can do the math on your own.

Overall the journals pages were viewed just over 162,000 times. The total number of pageviews during this same time was just over one million. The articles page was about 156,000, the two main feeds where at about 180,000, the index page was about 60,000, and the comments page was about 30,000. All this, and more, from about 41,000 unique IP addresses.

These numbers are a real PITA to pull out of Urchin, but I will try to remember to pull them out for this month when I run the numbers. Something important to keep in mind, these numbers are a) for the date range 04/30/2005 - 06/15/2005 and b) much lower than they should be due to Urchin crashes last month. These numbers are for about 25 real days, even though the range is much larger. So if you want to figure out how many hits these journals get in "real" a month, I'd say divide that number by 25 and multiply the result by 31. So my guess would be Walt's LISNews journal gets hit around 8,000 times a month.

Also note hits != reads. All I can say is that something downloaded these specific pages X number of times over a given time period. An educated guess says about 30-40% of hits are "things," 60-70% are real live people reading the pages that are hit. "Things" being bots, search engines, feed aggregators, and other electronic beings that are doing something with the page.


"Walt's #1 at a total of about 6,800 recorded hits.

Next is me with about 6,600 hits

Slashgirl has alotta fans, she's at #2, with just over 5,800 hits."

Um, Blake, if Walt is #1 and you're next, doesn't that make you #2 and me #3? Unless you're not counting yourself and you should! *G* I'm bad at math, too...;)

s/ (surprised that my journal gets that many hits!)


I do not doubt over the next eight weeks my stats are going to fall through the floor when I shuffle over to camp in Virginia. I got tapped to serve as an Education Director at a camp outside>. No computer, no radio, no television, no CD player, no nothing. I am being suffered a cell phone, though.

Taking a break from the life of the profession might be quite necessary, I guess...

I can't imagine why the #1 rating (maybe lots of people need soporifics)--but given the inactivity on my LISNews journal, it shouldn't stay there for long. I wouldn't count on a resumption of journal activity any time soon.

I hear you. I disagree with the soporific, remark, but in my own journaling, sometimes it feels like I'm spreading myself a little thin across the difference sources I'm a part of.