One Week Sans LISNews

Blah. Speaking at 2 memorial services in 2 weeks has been a bit too much. The past week @LISNews has been almost completely LISNews-free for me, only the second time since I started the site that I've been away for so long, normally 7 hours is a lot for me, 7 days is unheard of. I peeked in a couple times to make sure everything was still running, but I have no idea what's been going on. Doesn't look like much has changed, though at first glance it seems like there's a good number of commentors. I see some new names in the list. I'll try and dig through all the comments and stories I've missed, and it looks like there's been some neat journal entries. I'm very interested in looking at what stories were posted and how the comments fell. Hopefully a Blake-Free LISNews was an improvement. I've always wanted to put myself out of a job! I assume that nothing crazy happened while I was gone, or someone would've emailed me. If anything happened you think I should've noticed let me know.

Unfortunately Urchin took a big dump last month, so the numbers for May are, for the most part, an educated guess. Considering how bad web server log stats are to begin with, the numbers for May are about useless, but there they are anyways. I had been working on a new script that spits out some good monthly summaries, so I'll throw that out for good measure soon, it's an interesting look at the site over time. I think it still needs some work, but it should be good 'nuff in its current state.

Total Sessions 320,000
Total Pageviews 930,000
Total Hits 2,300,000
Total Bytes Transferred 20 GB

Average Pageviews Per Session Average Hits Per Session 7
Average Bytes Per Session 75 KB
Average Length of Session 00:10:00

Speaking of TV, ok, so I wasn't, but I have no good segue, I had originally expressed some reservations on the new Dr. Who when it premiered on CBC a few months ago. I think I've gotten over my objections now, which means I have a new show to replace Battlestar while it's in repeats for the summer. The Dr. and his companion, Rose Tyler, have such fun on screen chemistry, it'll be hard to watch someone take over for The Dr. next year.

Boingboing had a funny post the other day calling books "treeware"

There's about a million other bits I wanted to write about over the past week, I'll get there sooner or later.


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