The 10 Steps To Acceptance of New Google Products

1. Installation: "Google Made Something New!!! I must install it and use it every single second of the day!"

2. Elation: "Oh My God!! This is the greatest thing I've ever seen, I must write about it in my blog!!"

3. Discovery: "I just read on another blog this is spyware! Egads, what should I do?"

4. Anger: "I'm so mad! How could they do this, I'd expect this behavior from Microsoft, not from Google! Don't be evil my ass!!"

5. Uninstallation: "That's it! I'm so mad I am taking this off my computer! I'll be sure to tell everyone they should do the same. Google is becoming more like Microsoft every day. I'm going to use Yahoo! from now on."

6. Rationalization: "Boy, I sure do miss that thing, maybe that anonymous data they are collecting really won't be used against me. Besides, it's not like they're Microsoft."

7. Quite Acceptance: "Well, I might as well just try it again, it's not like it's hurting anyone, besides they wouldn't do anything evil with my data, like Microsoft would."

8. Reinstallation: "I'll try it again, but just for this week, then it's back to Yahoo."

9. Denial: "Boy, I sure was hard on them last week; I'd better just keep this to myself, if anyone asks I'll just deny I've started using it again."

10. Acceptance & Admission: "I guess it's time to fess up, I've been using the new Google thing for quite some time again, and I'm hooked. All that data they're collecting, it's all anonymous anyways, I'm sure they won't use it for anything."


Really does take you through the process! Any connection to a googliscious request that's recently been made of you?