Not happy with these results? Try alternate searches

I just ran a search for NFPA on Google and it said to me, Not happy with these results? Try alternate searches.

That "alternate searches" page did some nice clustering, up top, "Previews shown below for: fire protection, paralegal, national foster care association"

Smart! Semantic indexing is coming sooner than I thought.


I ran a few other searches for the heck of it, some hits, some misses, and some, meh

OSU: "ohio state", oklahoma state university, oregon state university
PSU: penn state, portland state university
Ruby: sam ruby, ruby tuesday, ruby programming, ruby windows
SAddam: saddam hussein, iraq, bomb saddam
Babies: : baby pictures, pregnancy, baby care, premature babies

Microsoft: windows media player, msn, microsoft internet explorer, microsoft software
Linux: linux kernel download, mandrake linux, linux doc, linux journal
Apple: apple computer, apple quicktime, apple mac, newton
ALA: american library association, punta ala, aste, "a la"
Chevy: chevy chase, chevy parts, chevy trucks, classic chevy
Mopar: mopar parts, mopar muscle, 62 65, mopar collectors guide
Perl: perl cgi, perl tutorial, active perl, cpan
Clinton: clinton cards, clinton county, hillary clinton, george clinton

SquirrelMail : mail, squirrelmail login, squirrelmail download
SLA: service level agreement, sla industries, kunstbande sla
LITA: lita nude, amy dumas, trish stratus, lita wwe
MYSQL: php mysql, mysql front, mysql faq
Bush: bush music


Perhaps it's because I have a fair bit of customization on my end (heavy restrictions on JavaScripts, ad blocking, etc.), but I'm not seeing anything like that. And both of the links seemed to go to the same set of results.

I presume I'll hear more about this in the future, including how they are implementing it.

Last "official" word I read was it's limited to some random group of people, I figured since I was seeing it that they'd opened it up to everyone, maybe I just got lucky.

Apparently you are lucky. I've been trying to replicate, at intervals, all day...I'm giving up for now. Note: my feelings are hurt. I thought the Big G loved me best!:(

I just tried a search for SquirrelMail, and that cluster turned out to be a real stinker.
"Previews shown below for: mail, squirrelmail login, squirrelmail download"
"squirrelmail login" is just a list of all the SquirrelMail login pages.