Writing 4 LISNews

This one's just beggin' for alternate titles:
It's right to write right here.
Write right here.
The right to write right here.
Why not write right here?
You gotta fight for your right to write right here

Since my very first announcements for LISNews over 5 years ago I've had a dream that we'd be a source for more original content. A quick peek at the stats shows original work is quite often the most popular story posted on any given week. It looks to me like people who read LISNews want to read more original reporting, essays, and stories. The LISNews audience reads comments, our one definite source of original work. I don't expect us to be the new Library Journal, but if you're like me (and you should be), you'd love to see more original writing here @LISNews. We've always been a great source for news from the popular press, but we're not normally a primary source. There's nothing wrong with that, but it would be neat if we had more original postings.

I'm not sure what we should be looking for, but it's not much different from what I read in the journals section, though it might be slightly more "newsy" most of the time.

So think about submitting something you've written. It doesn't need to be 5,000 words on the most important thing impacting our profession today. It can be a brief story about something your library is doing, something you saw at a conference, or something you read on LISNews you feel needed a response. In the past we've posted interviews, book reviews, conference reports, short stories, and collections of librarian jokes.

"Because if there were no [LISNews], we would only have American Libraries Online to turn to for our library news"
The Days & Nights of the Lipstick Librarian!


You're talking about journal entries. I love to read reasonably entertaining or informative ones. When is a journal entry equivalent to a news story? I doubt any of us thinks our posts are news.

Good question. I'm not sure I have a good answer, but I'll just dump some quick ideas.

What makes a good story?
Something that other people would find reasonably entertaining or informative. Something that amuses or educates. Something that is original, interesting and quotable. Something that might start a discussion. Something others can learn from.

Something that is not about what you had for lunch. Something that is not about how you woke up late. Something that is not about how you got a bad hair cut. Something that is very limited.

I guess it's the difference between what I read on something like LibraryStuff or WalkingPaper, vs. what I read on my 17 year old niece's blog. They [the nieces] write for themselves, while Aaron and Steven M. Cohen write for others.

Maybe that's it, in a nutshell, write for others.