Legislating Cheerleading

One of the more idiotic preoccupations of our ever-diligent seekers of the "right, proper, clean and patriotic way to be an American"...in Texas, they're legislating what's appropriate in cheerleading ("shake your...no don't shake your...!!!) NYT


I think I have to agree with the person in the article that said, "why is the government doing what parents are already doing?" I imagine, though I don't live in Texas, that the majority of parents are doing what they feel is the right thing - regardless of which way they are steering their kids to cheer.

Why does the state education department need legislation to curb what they see as inappropriate behavior? I'd be interested to hear what the coaches of the drill teams have to say about this. I'd even like to know how the cheer squads are reacting.

This was going to be a tirade against "government is the problem" Republicans usurping local authorities, but then I read the sponsor was a Democrat. So, this is a clear case of bipartisan nannyism.

Regardless of party, it's offensive and ineffective for politicians to usurp the authority of schools and districts to regulate something so petty.