One reason I never plan to run for ALA Council

The current Library Juice (if the link doesn't work, just go to; I typed it in) has a series of postings from the ALA Council list regarding the non-award presented to Laura Bush.

I don't know whether it's the complete set of postings. I have a sinking feeling that it is not.

It runs 23 print pages.

My only comment at this point (note that this is on my LISNews journal, not my "real blog") is that this is an illustration of why, years ago, I told my wife that, if I ever suggested the possibility of running for any ALA-wide office (as opposed to divisional office), she should call the folks who could give me an enforced vacation in a padded room...

It's just not my thing, even apart from the coterie of always-reelected-by-petition-and-bullet-voting councilors (two or three of whom are prominent in this discussion). I just lack the patience and energy for association-wide politics, particularly as exemplified by this interchange.


"bullet-voting?" Is ALA funding armed rebellion? :-0

Seriously, I don't see me being ALA-wide material either. I'm chair of a small roundtable in a small state and some days that feels like plenty.