Cheese and crackers

Cheese: The Wisconsin Dairy folks presumably spent a lot of money to have a full-page ad (with three coupons and a contest) in one of the coupon supplements that come with Sunday papers. (I assume nationwide, although it's possible that they're just trying to get back some of the California market, now that California is the nation's largest dairy producer...). And you can log on to their website to check coupon codes to see if you've won.

Except that, when I did so today, I got a 404 error. I guess nobody actually bothered to build the contest page...

Crackers: I've just seen--very indirectly, via PubSub--a vehement and ludicrous response to LJ Online's little April 1 piece. (No, I wasn't asked before they "quoted" me. Yes, I would have gone along with it.) And some people wonder why they're not treated seriously...I won't name names or link, because I sure don't want to give this particular blog any extra publicity. I would suggest that being totally humorless might not be an ideal qualification for participating in the blogosphere, but why bother?