Snowy Saturday Night

I've written about how I write before, but I've never written about my write file. Tucked into my flash drive is a file I've affectionately named simply write.doc. It's 37 pages long and contains about 12,000 words, approximately half of which I've posted here in my journal. The other 6,000 or so words just sit and wait. They comprise essays that I feel are too political, too boring, too angry or too useless and will probably never see the light of day. There are several tickler paragraphs that could be an interesting start to something, or could just be nothing.

Most of what I post here starts in my "write" file, where I will almost always write a first draft, revise it once or twice over the course of a day or two, and then post. Sometimes it never makes it past draft, and other times it just sits for weeks or months because I can't find the words or time to finish my thoughts.

But that's the great thing about having the journal here @LISNews. I can write about anything that comes to mind over here, and still keep LISNews on topic, this is my MEblog, and LISNews is my WEblog. We blog at LISNews, and I journal here. The separation of church (personal) and state (shared).

So anyways, this is a first and last draft. I'm sitting here with the cat in front of a nice warm fire on my new laptop cleaning up my flash drive, and out came this little essay. It's snowing quite heavily outside, the lights are dim and it's quiet, I'll enjoy this while I can.


I was going to make some comment about a fire on your laptop voiding the warranty... but I recalled snowy days in early spring in the suburbs of Buffalo. I remember making snow angels that would disappear the next day.

Springtime snows are great, the calm and quiet they bring as soon supplanted by May flowers. Sometimes I miss WNY.

Don't leave me hangning, what did you get? Will Michael be happy with your new choice?

Well, 36 hours later it finally stopped snowing. How 'bout SMALL Springtime snows are great, Springtime STORMS snows are a big pain in the ass.

Well, let's just say Michael would not be please.

I'm on my third write file. I close off prior files when all the material has been posted. Anything that I didn't post up to that point will either be deleted or carried to the next write file for further thought.Write File 1 covered Apr 2003 - May 2004 and was 20 pages.Write File 2 covered June 2004 - Jan 2005 and was 31 pages.Write File 3 covers Jan 2005 - present and currently takes up 23 pages.I've definitely killed some entries while they were still in the write file. Others take awhile to make their way out. I originally wrote Recycling Molybdenum? back on August 26, 2004, but didn't post it until April 1, 2005. Why that long? Seemed like other things were more important to say.A write file is a great way of getting ideas down, even if you ultimately discard them!

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