Coincidence, I think not....

Today I was complaining because patrons never seem to be able to push in a chair when they get up from a table or a computer. I wondered aloud if they ever did that at restaurants. Another staff member noted that the booths and chairs in McDonald's were generally bolted in place.

My Taser arrived in the mail today, I bet the chair problem will shape right up.


A TASER! How sadistically satifying. I wonder if folks would start destroying their temporary records any faster if I had one of those? Or maybe a 10-foot cattle prod?

Hmm. Yes, I can relate to the chair thingy. I'm always reminding the kids at work to push in their chairs. If the teacher is with the class, they'll remind them as well. So, one would assume at staff meetings that teachers would remember to push in their chairs. Yeah. Right. They're worse than the kids!!!

Um, would the Taser make the children be quiet? Heh, just kidding. I think. Love to have it to use on certain other staff members..."This is what happens when you're stupid and/or annoy me!"*Zap* Bwa hahaha

One of my fave quotes: "How do I set the laser printer to stun?" Ah, if only...

Good luck with the chair problem.


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