Tuesday night reference club

I haven't written much lately--work has been keeping me busy! Plus I think maybe some of my co-workers have caught onto my blog. If so, let me know, it's always good to know that someone's reading (and to know who I shouldn't complain about, ha ha!).

I'm on the Tuesday night reference shift and despite the fact that the public library's internet is out, things aren't too busy here. Which is nice, since I got to the library at 7:30 am and won't leave until 9 pm. It's just the way my schedule worked out--meetings in the morning, a class to teach (upper-level Sociology research class) in the afternoon, reference desk in the evening. Good thing we don't have 24/7 virtual reference or I bet I would have gotten the midnight to 6 shift for that!

Don't feel too bad for me, though, since I am taking tomorrow afternoon off. Plus I will be going on a train trip to Chicago over spring break, so that will be a nice vacation.

Anyhow, hope you are all having pleasant and less-than-14 hour days!

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