I forgot the squirrel

Oh, I forgot the squirrel today. The circ staff told me of a sick or injured squirrel outside and even showed me. It was indeed sick the poor little fella, he was laying near the bike rack and would not move when anyone approached like a normal squirrel.

So I called the Humane Society and they said they didn't have anyone to get it, but I could bring it in. So I got some gloves (in my car...always prepared... I was a Boy Scout) and a box (from tax forms) and put the squirrel in the box and taped the lid almost, but not quite shut.

I drove to the Humane Society (it beats a boring lunch). The poor fella was curled up in a ball on the way there, but when we got to the vet's office he was trying to climb out of the box. So Lazarus the squirrel lives another day.

Then I went to look at the cats and dogs. I don't have room for another so I gave them donation to pay for a little more food. That is one of the few places to which I donate. I think it is because I like animals more than people. When I win the lottery I am going to buy a farmhouse with a barn and get a cow, a goat and a few chickens.

Support your local Humane Society (or my local Human Society) or your local no kill shelter. They need it. You will have the eternal gratitude and all sorts of slobbery kisses from the animals.

If you're having a crappy day say squirrel a few times...its just a fun word.


"he was laying near the bike rack and would not move when anyone approached like a normal squirrel."

Perhaps he would've moved if someone had approached like an abnormal squirrel? Besides how does one approach anything like a normal squirrel? Does it involve wearing a costume? ;) Heh.


Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!
Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel! Squirrel!
You're right, that is a fun word to say! Thanks!
Going to be wandering the office chanting "Squirrel!" all day. My officemates thank you in advance. ;-)

As a former farmboy take my advice and avoid the chickens. They will have a serious impact on your love of animals. The free eggs are a nice bonus but wear gloves when retrieving. Cows are nice until they step on your foot. I suggest pigs which aren't bad. Never had a goat though I have had goats milk. Eh.

This one time, my friend George, you might know him, George Costanza, hit a squirrel with his car, and his girl friend at the time, I forget her name, there's been so many, made him to the squirrel to the vets office, and the vet had to order these tiny little instruments to save the squirrel. Luckily he made a full recovery.There's no deal with the squirrels.

I saw a show on PBS last month called "The Secret Life of the Chicken" which made me re-evaluate my similar views on chickens (mostly picked up from my dad's farm stories). They are interesting critters, but I imagine the chickens on the show were exemplary birds and not your run of the mill ones.

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