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Battlestar Galactica is amusing me to no end. I'm not sure what it is about that show, but I just love it. I finally watched the first part of the mini-series and the first 2 episodes of the new series and absolutely loved them. Thanks to the miraculous powers of my DVR I can watch 2 hours worth of show in less than an hour. I can also watch The Daily Show in about 15 minutes. I'm very efficient when it comes to watching TV now, I spend about an hour a week. I also have all the new episodes of 24 sitting there, though I'm not sure I'll ever get to them.

Bibliofuture sent along a picture from China of little Bibliofuture 2.0. The picture was taken in some kind of restaurant in China, but on the wall behind her was a license plate from South Carolina. That just seemed kind of random, more like something I'd see at a T.G.I. Fridays or something here in The States. Parents and baby are well and expected to make the long flight back home soon.

I'm still balking on moving LISNews to a new server and code base. It'll be a few weeks before I think I'll have the time. The forecast calls for pain. The G00GLE ads aren't paying for the server this year, so I'll attempt to move us to a new cheaper sever, though I'll probably still go begging for money, or look for other options. I'm still waiting for the buy out offer from the NY Times or Wall Street Journal. I'm still wrestling with all the ideas on what to do with the server. I don't like the idea of selling out, so I'm not really sure what we'll end up doing. Nothing new with that story though, it's essentially the same thing I've been wrestling with since I started the site.

I've been trying to think of new ways to expand the number of LISHosted sites. I'm thinking of offering a rather cheap place to host blogs with no extras, maybe $50 a year or something like that. I could also try webmail, but that seems like a losing proposition. At this point I'm just over the break even mark, but with the amount of time I put in, it's not a money maker by any stretch. I'd probably make more money setting up a lemonade stand, BUT, I never thought I'd make anything, and I really enjoy the LISHost work, so I'm not complaining. It's really interesting and fun as far as computer stuff goes.

My predictions of 90 degree weather in Buffalo turned out to be premature as we've gotten a few feet of snow and no even come close to 30 in the past week. Supposed to get down to 0 tonite. The good news is the lake is almost frozen which usually means a decline in snow fall amounts. The bad news is 0 is just cold no matter how you try to spin it, sure, it's a dry cold, but it's still just damn cold.


The last I saw on the news in terms of weather, we are both going to be getting hit with a nor'easter this weekend. Such will prove interesting. I just get tired of all this snow. Of course, the place in Canada I visited last week to interview had -20 to -40 degree Fahreinheit weather which meant it was 50 degrees warmer when I got off the last plane when I arrived at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Although I think the weather in this region is cold, I have now seen worse.

Most football games take about 3 - 4 hours in realtime, but I can usually watch a whole game in 45 minutes, if I watch every play (many games have dull stretches, so I skip a bunch) If the offense isn't in no huddle, the thirty second skip button almost exactly matches the end of the play to the next snap.

Interesting, I never considered using DVRs to watch sports that way.

I've never been able to resist a reasonably good Sci Fi series (except for SG1). The new BG showed on NBC a few weeks ago, and I'm hooked. Too bad I have no cable.

I'm sorry that money issues are popping up with LISNews. I can't believe with the much increased traffic that revenues are dropping! Are the bids on ads going way down, faster than traffic is going up? I just don't see how the $ could be less than the year before.

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