Go Danny Go!

Good News for my favorite grocer here at home. Fortune magazine named Wegmans Food Markets No. 1 on its annual list of the "100 Best Companies to Work For."

Not at all suprising to me, I've heard nothing but good things from everyone I know who works for them, and I'm always treated well by the employees.
The Wall Street Journal covered them a few years back and said something like "we suspect many people would live in a Wegmans given the chance"

Wegmans operates 11 stores in Erie and Niagara counties. It ranks second in market share in the Buffalo Niagara region, behind Tops Markets, which really suprises me. Tops and another chain owned by Ahold, Giant of Carlisle, Pa., are both run by the same CEO. The Giant-Tops business combination does not enter the Fortune survey, said Dennis Hopkins, which doesn't suprise me. I've heard nothing but bad things about Tops, and almost without exception am greated by miserable employees.

If you're in Richmond, VA you have a similar company, and there's one other I know of in Minneapolis, and I bet that most major cities can say the same thing, but there's only one Wegmans.

"Beyond the figures, the magazine also describes the stores' layout, product offerings and the "zeal" some upstate customers have for Wegmans that "often borders on kooky obsession." "

It's like the Apple of the grocery world.


My brother has a friend from Canisus HS(from many years ago) who is a manager at Tops in West Seneca. He used to be a happy go lucky guy, but now he is miserable.

But in WNY you take the job you are offered and don't quit until something else comes along so at least he is getting paid while being miserable.

I used to work at Wegmans in Rochester, NY when I was in high school and college. I LOVED it. Still love going there, definitely the best grocery chain in the country. (Take that Kroger!) Have to say I have known quite a few people who have worked for Tops, I don't think any of them had good experiences there which is a shame but their attitude towards their employees wasn't very good back then.

You have to be a subscriber to get all the text but here'sfortune.com> the beginning. It's the first place I go when I go home, I go get my Wegmans fix before I see my Parents. LOL..

A pdf of the Buffalo News is available herenewseum.org>

The Buffalo News has the full storybuffalonews.com>. I think it goes away after a day or two (sort of like the Buffalo EVENING News went away. - I liked an afternoon paper.)

tell him Wegmans is hiring, right across the street!

Long live the COurrier Express, I wish we were a 2 paper town still.

I'm a former Buffalonian who still visits. Every time I visit that store I am blown away. The bread ovens are to die for. The atmosphere just invites shopping.

My lucky mom shops there all the time. She obviously likes it, but couldn't figure out why we were *so* impressed.

Then she visited us in southern Indiana and visited our Kroger and Wal-mart and instantly understood. "This is you grocery?" she asked. She was suddenly very sad for us.

Before visiting us again, she went to Wegmans bought my favorite (a jar of almond butter) as a consolation gift.

I've been to four of their locations. If you really want to be blown away, check out the Wegman's in Ithaca. Imported food galore for the Cornell folks. The cafe is a step above the other stores too.

People might snear at New Yorkers for the snow and the high taxes, but they don't know what they're missing in Wegmans.

AH yes, the breads! Just had some rolls for dinner!