LISNews: a surprisingly interesting site

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 01/06/2005 - 01:55

A rather nice compliment paid to us by
" For library news, go to LISNews, a surprisingly interesting site, which may be interesting because those of us over 30 depended so much on libraries for the functions we now routinely accomplish online."
Good stuff! A double compliment, one for us, and one for libraries.

A few times a year I get emails from kids that seem to think LISNews has the power to make them stars:
"i was wondering if you know anything about the auditions for harry potter and the order of the phoenix and other hp movies later after that one. Is it true that you have to be british to have a part that isn\'t just an extra? I\'ve heard ALOT on hp chats that the harry potter directors and other people are keeping it a strictly british cast.. and i want to know if it\'s true.. plus if you have any info. on when the auditions start (if they have them scheduled yet)it would be great if you could email me and tell me. Well if you find out or you do know the places, dates,and times of the auditions that would be really helpful.. thanks so much"

I'm not sure why people think we're somehow connected to the movie.