Cites & Insights 5.1 available

Here's the formal announcement:

Cites & Insights 5.1 (January 2005), sponsored by YBP Library Services,
is now available for downloading.

The 22-page issue (PDF as always) includes:

  • Bibs & Blather: Sponsorship, notes on conference blogging, and why I'm
    not commenting on Google Library.
  • Perspective: The End of the Experiment (and the beginning of the
    journal). A transitional note.
  • Library Access to Scholarship: Notes on NIH's plans, the stalled
    situation in the UK, and a few short pieces.
  • Feedback: Your Insights: Ross E. Riker comments on "What's Wrong With
    You People?"
  • Perspective: Looking Back 1: Trends & Products, 1995-2000: An excerpt
    (and comment) from each issue of "Trailing Edge Notes" and "Crawford's
  • Copyright Currents: What didn't happen in Congress' lame-duck session,
    plus notes on DRM developments and the RIAA.

I'm looking for program and conference reporters. See for details.

The title and subtitle have not changed. I'm adding a tagline in next issue's banner, and changing the defining comment in the masthead (that's already happened), but nothing that would affect cataloging (Gaia forfend!) has changed or will change. The change from "zine" to "journal" is pragmatic--all the more so as I'm inviting other participants, making it even less of a zine.