End of the Year Random Notes

Submitted by Blake on Tue, 12/28/2004 - 16:08

LISFeeds has come along nicely. Last week I added a little Feeds Search page which is quite handy for checking to see who's talking about you, or watching for trends and such. Some day I'll add a "most popular links" page. For now the site is quite nice and actually has some usable features, till now it's been the ugly ignored step child of the LIS family.

I fixed a couple little bugs, and a security hole in the Slashcode here this week. Sometime very soon I'll be moving LISNews to a new fasterbettersafer server (I hope). The big question will be how can I pay for the server again next year. The new fasterbettersafer server will also be cheaper.

LISHost (now .org not .com) now has over 100 domains. That's not 100 paying customers, that's 100 domains. 2004 was not a money losing year for me on LISHost, though I probably made about 10 cents an hour for the time I put in, at least I'm not losing any money. Same thing goes on LISNews, mostly thanks to the generosity of the many who kicked in this spring.

I posted a comment on Slashdot this weekend (for the first time in ages) and it did get modded up to 5. It's fun to post on Slashdot because everything is so much more random and dynamic.

This One is one of those good news/bad news stories. America Online said Monday that junk e-mail declined by more than 75 percent this year. That's the good news, the bad news is another version of that same story I read elsewhere said spammers are just targeting us little guys more.

I'll work up some kind of "Top Stories of '04" list when I have the time this week. I've been trying to remember what my favorite stories of the year were.