20th Annual Computers in Libraries

The 20th Annual Computers in Libraries program is out, and LISNews will be representin' yo:
LISNews — Collaborative Blogging
Thursday, 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

That's the last slot on the second day of the conference. I've never gone last, is that the best time to go, or the worst? Other LISNews duder Aaron will be presenting, along with Michael Stephens, that day (and at least one other) as well, and the track was Organized and moderated by Steven Cohen. Many familiar names and neat looking sessions.


My experience at other conferences is that the last slot is less than ideal. People have soaked up as much as they are going to and have glazed eyes. Some will be eyeing their watches in order to dash to the airport. So, people will leave your presentation, but it won't be anything personal.

I'm not sure it makes up for the above, but at least the people who show up at the very last session are dedicated to getting all the conference has to offer. The less serious (or budget-stretched) took their planes the night before.

I've only gotten to CIL once, but it sure was a treat even though I had to pay my own airfare and stayed with a relative!

You could look at it selfishly (and why not since ALA doesn't).

1. The important thing is that you are on the program. Looks good on the CV.

2. The printed and on-line program/agenda will put your name and LISNews.com out there, directing more participants here.

3. If the abstracts/papers go on-line or in print, many more people will "attend" to your words, even if they fled early.

Welcome to the Gray Literature bottomless pit.

I didn't mean to make it seem like I was complaining there. That's not the case at all, just wasn't sure what to expect having the last slot on that day. It must mean one of three things:
1. I got it because it's the best
2. I got it because it's the worst
3. I got it because they chose names out of a hat and it means nothing.

In any case, it'll be fun, I didn't do any presenting last year (er, well, that's still this year I guess) so hope to make up for it a bit next year and squeeze in a few, or at least 2, if I can.

Thanks Daniel! I've been to a few CILs and presented a couple times and they're always fun and educational.

As far as the time slot goes, I'll take what I can get, I'm just happy to have a chance to talk about LISNews for a little while.

What does ALA have to do with Computers In Libraries, a commercial conference sponsored by ITI? I'm clearly missing something here...