Pale Male Is the Talk of the Town

A red-tailed hawk and his mate, who've lived on the 12th floor of a fashionable Fifth Avenue building since 1991, are the talk of NY. Evicted by the coop-board (their nest was destroyed), and later enthusiastically supported by all kinds of New Yorkers, famous and not so, it appears the board has altered its original eviction plan. CNN .

This is some impressive bird...the first to have chosen the Big Apple as his home since the days of Peter Stuyvesant. He's outlived three wives (is now on his forth, Lola, and they've raised 23 chicks on the ledge.


seeing a story about him on PBS or the Nature channel. I'm glad to know he is doing well.

With housing prices in the city his ledge is probably worth more than my house.

Lets hear it for our avian friends!

It seems like I saw a TV magazine segment somewhere on parakeets or parrots that had taken up residence either in the Bronx or in Brooklyn. Does that ring a bell?

It's interesting to see the niches that wild animals carve out even in the largest (and ostensibly most inhospitabl) of cities.