Several Random Tech Notes

Submitted by Blake on Thu, 12/09/2004 - 21:40

Last class was yesterday, I'm sad it's over already. I think we had a good semester, the applause at the end of the last class leads me to believe the class did as well. It was a great bunch O' students, hopefully they learned as much, or better yet, MORE, than I did. Now I just keep my fingers crossed that the department will ask me back again. I've never had more fun teaching or taught a better class, ever. Good people, those future librarians of America.

I've moved all my domains from Network Solutions, so for the first time in 6 years I won't be sending them any money this year. I've got them all with EV1Servers now, the same place that holds the LISNews and LISHost servers (yes, they're now 2 separate servers). I've gone from paying $35 a year to $7 a year for the same exact thing.

Speaking of LISHost, there's now 101 domains on that box. I think we're quickly approaching our limit. I'm going to move the busiest sites off the .org box and back onto the .com box to even things out a bit. A couple domains are getting hit so hard with spam it actually slows the entire server down. I need to implement some more aggressive firewalling apparently. I'm not sure what to do with this set up in the coming year. I'm just barely over breaking even now, adding a third server would add addition headaches, and an extra couple hundred bucks a month, but it would give us a lot more room for growth. Is that something we want? I certainly need more help if we do much more growing.

I was working on writing some more on LISNews stats and we're averaging 8300 sessions, 31000 pageviews and 88000 hits so far this month. I have no idea what's going on, I don't see anything in the logs that's really abnormal, other than we're suddenly averaging an extra 1,000 sessions, 5000 pages, and 17000 hits a day, when compared with last month.

Thunderbird has lost me a lot of email. I can't recommend anyone use it at this point, I can't believe it was released as 1.0 with such a serious bug in it. ggrrrrrr

LISFeeds is now 2.0 [Beta] version. I've rewritten the back end completely, and added several dozen more feeds, I think we're over 100 now. There's still a few bugs floating around in there, but it gets the job done. Of particular interest to readers of this, there is a feed for LISNews journals. LISFeeds isn't reading it correctly at the moment, so I'm not sure if the trouble is with the feed, or my code on LISFeeds.