Declaration of Independence Banned

Before the turkey, pies and football tomorrow, I gently suggest we Americans pause and consider the following story as we reflect upon the object of our thanksgiving.


Why are you complaining? As a censorship advocate, isn't this what you want? Censorship?

Or have you simply never attempted to project where a trend of censorship was likely to lead? The slippery slope is a fallacy only in logic; it is a very real force in the physical world. Here, once more, is a clue:

The Taliban outlawed paper>.

And even after hitting the bottom of the barrel they crashed right through it and started attacking the iconography of other religions. This is the system you espouse. Instead of complaining, you should be shouting your hallejuhahs from the rooftops that: the system works!

Remember: A patriot is someone who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works. If you can't rejoice in the system you demand, then perhaps you are not the patriot you fancy yourself.

I think it is a huge mistake to apply the term "Communism", and invention of the 19th century, to late 16th and early 17th century religious dissenters. You could no more call them Communists than you could call them Capitalists. Forcing them into that mold simply ignores the differences in an attempt to emphasize the similiarities.

Otherwise, would you consider the Oneida an example of succesful Communism?

how about the Oakland Tribune???

"Teacher: God on history's side", 11/25/04.

A Cupertino public school teacher is suing his district and his principal, who banned him from using excerpts from the Declaration of Independence and other historical documents in his classroom because they contain references to God and Christianity.

Steven Williams, a fifth-grade teacher at Stevens Creek Elementary School in the Cupertino Union School District, filed the suit in U.S. District Court on Monday, arguing a First Amendment right to teach the history of our country and its founding fathers, which includes religious, and specifically Christian, references...

The Taliban outlawed paper bags.

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More, via the discussion at> and Seeing the>:

- scan of the complaint at The Smoking>

- from the San Mateo County>: "She then prevented Williams from giving students several handouts including: Excerpts from the Declaration of Independence with references to 'God,' 'Creator,' and 'Supreme Judge.'; George Washington's Prayer Journal; The Rights of the Colonists, by Samuel Adams, which includes passages excluding Roman Catholics from religious tolerance because of their 'doctrines subversive of the civil government under which they live.'" [>]

As a censorship advocate, isn't this what you want?

Nonsense. If this refers to my position on filters as collection development we've been down this road before.

Give me proof that your local library up there by the St. Lawrence River accepted your demand for Juggs, Water Sports and Bear subscriptions and I'll reconsider. Not to worry about verification, their catalog is online.

"A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from American history that refer to God -- including the Declaration of Independence."

This reads like a press release from this guys lawyer. I'd be willing to be there's more to the story. "Declaration of Independence Banned" is a BS headline.

I don't suppose they'd allow him to teach this alternate version of Thanksgiving--that the Pilgrims were celebrating their own "fall of Communism" which had been a miserable failure.

Both the traditional view and the “p.c.� view of Thanksgiving, however, miss a critical part of the true historical story: the vital economics lesson that the Pilgrim settlers at Plymouth learned. Their first year in the colony was so disastrous – with the colonists barely surviving death by starvation – largely because of the communist economic system they had attempted, as a utopian experiment. The Pilgrim settlers had decided to hold the land as their common community property and also to share in common the harvests they produced on the land. As Fred Foldvary, an economist at Santa Clara University, has noted in his essay “Thanksgiving Day – The True Story,�> this communist system was a failure. “The men were not eager to work in the fields, since if they worked hard, they would have to share the added produce with everyone else.� After two years of poor harvests under this system, they change it to a system based on individual enterprise: although the land was still owned in common, each family was allotted a portion and could keep whatever they grew. “Their new incentive-based economic system was great success,� Professor Foldvary notes, in explaining the reason for the thanksgiving observance in 1623. Mayer>

Are you comparing Janet Jackson's boob to the Boobs in this school system? What censorship has Tomeboy advocated? I'm not sure what censorship you're referring to--Canada's? Anarchists are just organized groups who try to shout down and shut up other organized groups--that's censorship.

Hmmmm.. land owned in common, but with individual incentives... sounds like Socialism to me...