The Author Responds to Me

Needless to say I was surprised to see McKenzie Wark's name sitting in my inbox today. Mr. Wark is the author of the book A Hacker Manifesto (Harvard Univ. Press), the subject of my piece Ctrl+X Ctrl+V Marxism.

Mr. Wark's Response


Thanks for posting this (and him for allowing it). I'll be interested in reading your review after you've seen the paper copy.

Reading "for free" on the internet isn't all it's cracked up to be. I particularly get crabby about pdf and if it is really outstanding, will take the time and money to print (those of you using your employer's funds to print, don't need to worry about this decision). I realize it is far better and cheaper than maintaining a subscription (like the worthless New Yorker), but the easier and more accessible information becomes, the more testy we get about irritations--at least I do.

Ditto on posting the response. It's a good a thing to do and he makes his case (about why his book is $20) well. I also look forward to your review.

I also agree with Norma's take on reading "for free" on the Internet. But I'm sometimes willing to accept it as the price of being free.

Thanks for your "thanks".

I plan to update when reading the book.