Lucky Parental Units

Sigh. I just bought them this from TigerDirect. I have to tell someone, in hopes that they can give me a creative way to break it to my husband I just spent $200 we don't have on digital camera for my parents.

Isn't it cool though? Jeez, they'll love it. My mom likes pictures and my dad's an amateur photographer.

It's only about $50 (gulp) more than we were going to spend on each set of parentals anyway. And it is a really nice one.

It all started with me seeing the shiny electronic things on Amazon. I saw one for under $100, and thought, great... then it said I could get it even cheaper at TigerDirect, so I looked there, and saw this... and... and...

Aw, man, but my dad is going to love it.


4 megapixels for $200. What a deal. Can't believe how prices have changed in 2-3 years. And that's a great site--hadn't seen it before. Thanks.

I have no suggestions on how to keep this a secret from your husband. But let us know just how you get around that one!

For what it's worth, be wary of TigerDirect with regards to their rebates. The are notorious for delaying, disqualifying for the slightest error (real or imagined), losing, and just plain not fulfilling customer rebates.

Their product range is wide. The prices are very good even without the rebates. They are fine with purchase/delivery timing. Their shipping/handling fees are not exorbitant. They handle customer complaints and returns reasonably well. I don't know who they contract out their rebate processing to, but whoever it is, they stink. Who knows, they may have turned it around some time recently, but if they have, I haven't heard about it yet.

Manufacturer rebates still work fine, but don't count on seeing any rebates that go through TD. That way, you'll be pleased instead of disappointed if the unexpected happens.

Never actually used TigerDirect's Rebate service... Good to make note of though. I have used TD a lot at work, and have been pretty happy with them. I usually use newegg at home, because their prices are usually better, but they clobber you with shipping sometimes.

Fortunately in this case, $20 was knocked off the price of the camera before it was even put in the shopping cart, so I was happy.

As far as explaining it to my husband... well, I should have picked up that home defibrillator that I saw on Amazon too. He damn near had heart failure. He wasn't mad, per se, but he was in a good deal of shock.

I justified it like this: This is their Christmas present. Every year, they open their homes for us to come up and visit on a monthly basis, and spend the holidays, blah blah blah blah.

By this time he lost that horrible, shocked, "Oh my god I'm going to die" expression and seemed to accept his fate that yes, his inlaws were getting a digicam for Christmas.

It hasn't been mentioned and no ill will has been sensed since.

I love giving presents.

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