Bush II - It's as if the children have taken over..

Bob Herbert's excellent column in today's New York Times describes Geo. W. Bush's second term as "It's as if the children have taken over and sent the adults packing." Not only is it literally true (in terms of the senior advisor exodus), it's also a symptom of Bush's unbelievable obstinancy. NYT.

To the spoiled goes the victory. Little George is still digging in his heels and wants things his way.


The man gets elected and decides he's going to do the things he ran on.

Doesn't he know he's a politician?

Doesn't he understand he's supposed to lie when he's on the campaign trail and lie down when on the job?!?

Maybe he should've paid a little more attention when he was visiting the Clinton Library this week. He'd understand that its more important to talk pretty then actually do anything.

One of those KJO folks?

Forgive me for my inabilities to proof! My kingdom for an edit button and all that. ;-)

Oops! I meant to type "me [i]thinkest[/i] thou art very reactive, indeed. :-)

I happen to like the Elizabethan turn of the phrase. nbruce, me think thou art very reactive, indeed. ;-)

"The left is really having tantrums."
Me thinks thou protests too much.

What would you call threats to leave the country, calling 52% of the voters stupid, ignorant, fundamentalists, all of whom are living in the "heartland?" The New Yorker said we weren't "actual human beings." All the counties in Ohio are going to be recounted at a cost to those who still can't grasp that more Americans wanted Bush than Moore-Americans wanted Kerry. Pundits on the left are throwing out every imaginable "what if," sounding really unhinged. I've seen tantrums by toddlers--but not often by whole groups of adults.

I know many Republicans who thought Kerry would be the next President--they didn't like the idea, but they weren't coming unglued.

And speaking of retro--"Me thinks?"

"The left is really having tantrums."

Me thinks thou protests too much.

And speaking of those "trail lawyers", I have finally realized that I truly did miss my calling. Is it too late for me to go to law school, do ya think?

This thread was just too good to use up my well honed moderating points on. ;-)

Liberal defense team...is that those nasty "trial lawyers" people are always talking about?

oh please, if an article gets posted talking about the Bush team as children its going to get the comments it deserves.

Clinton's spent the week trying to rewrite history *again* and I haven't said 'boo', but I'm sure if I made any comments the liberal defense team would be on the job.

No, Birdie. Though I'm not a "liberal", I cheerfully admit to an opposition to the current regime of larcenous thugs, dimwitted empire builders, the Ashcroft Fan Club, et al.

Yippee!!!! Where do I cash in my bet?

Thanks madcow, I thought I was all alone here in liberal land.

The responses so far have been:

Sarcasm. Check.

Scorn. Check

Derision. Check

Looks like you hit the trifecta, Birdie. ;)

The left is really having tantrums.

Bob H. is an idiot. Although this opinion piece isn't as entertaining as Jane Smiley's hissy fit or the occassional Maureen Dowd steaming pile of crap, it is typical sore loser talk from the left.

Honestly, all this talk of secession and red state stupidity is completely and absolutely silly.

Hmmm, King James Occupationers? ;-)