Fighting Reaches Its Peak In Curmudgeony Battle Arena

The Curmudgeony Librarian has entered the Finals in its

Tournament of Champions

The Finals continue in the Curmudgeony Battle Arena.

The Semi-Finals Winners were

Drag Queens   over   Hippies
Gladiators   over   Mummies
Cavemen   over   Hackers
Tigers   over   Strippers
Blacksmiths   over   Goths
Hedgehogs   over   Accordianists
Soccer Hooligans   over   Miners
Bagpipers   over   Monkeys

The winners go head to head in the finals.

Competing this week are
Pirates   Vs.   Samurai
Leprechauns   Vs.   Knights
Vampires   Vs.   Vikings
Tibetan Monks   Vs.   Sharks
Drag Queens   Vs.   Cavemen
Gladiators   Vs.   Tigers
Blacksmiths   Vs.   Soccer Hooligans
Hedgehogs   Vs.   Bagpipers

Who will win?
Vote and find out.