Wal-Mart Ethics

Submitted by birdie on Wed, 11/17/2004 - 14:47

Just the suckiest, greediest and most uncaring company in the world. They're raking in the bucks NYTimes ...and communities where they have insinuated themselves are becoming poorer and poorer Penn State study . The Times article tells that some of their biggest payout problems are dealing with lawsuits that arise from accidents in their stores. Have you ever tripped on anything in a Wal-Mart? Maybe you've banged into a disgruntled employee while madly searching for some product or other that nobody seems to care if they have or not. Or perhaps you've slammed into a cardboard display while searching for "an associate" to help you find it. Or you've fainted while waiting in the cashiers line while they unwrap their bubble gum. I think the next time I have an accident at Wal-Mart, it will be while running towards the doors screaming 'get me out of here!'.