Just one last thing before leaving…

Submitted by tomeboy on Fri, 11/12/2004 - 16:27

Alex Beam of the Boston Globe has compiled a short list of items our disaffected Liberians should consider before heading north.

Item number 4.

    How do you like your free speech -- well chilled? Canada has no First Amendment and adheres to primitive British-style libel laws.
    Here is a hilarious definition of defamation la Canadienne, from the Media Libel website: ''A defamatory statement exists if the publication tends to lower the plaintiff's reputation in the estimation of those who are commonly referred to as 'right thinking' members of society." Allow me to reiterate my widely known position: Celine Dion is the greatest singer who ever lived.

    Just this year, the Canadian Parliament passed what the religious right has branded a "Chill Bill," or "The Bible as Hate Speech Bill," effectively preventing churches from using the Bible to preach against homosexuality. "With the passage of Bill C-250, Canada has now embarked upon a course of criminalization of dissent," according to a statement released this spring by the Catholic Civil Rights League.

    Fine, you say. Enough gay-bashing by Bible-waving Christian loonies. But remember John Ashcroft's motto: Your rights are next.

No I don’t hate Canada or Canadians. Hospitable (thanks birdie)folks, wonderful scenery, terrific national anthem. (Any American hockey fan can sing this). That said, I not ashamed to say I prefer the U.S for living and Canada for visiting.