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I recieved a tax break under the Bush administration and I am hardly rich. Kerry did not convince me that my taxes would not go up if he was in office.

I never saw anything that convinced me that the rich were getting bigger tax breaks. If there is a 5% across the board tax break I understand that 5% of 30,000 is less than 5% of 1,000,000.
If the rich had received a 10% tax break and I received 5% that I would object to.

I just don't know who they are, or how they got to where they are or why they can't seem to see what is plainly in front of their faces.

This is very condescending. The line above seems to give this message,You Bush voters are so stupid that you can't see what it going on.

It sounds to me like Birdie's just venting some feelings. Sometimes we just have to vent. Many of those who got their hopes up and voted for Kerry feel disappointed by the result.

This prayer brings me some small comfort and maybe even some hope: "Give me the wisdom to understand those who do not vote in the way that I do." For the rest of it see>